Innovation in European chemical industry: A focus on large chemical companies

Ignasi Brunet Icart, Supriyo Das, Carlos Alberto Santamaria Velasco


The European chemical industry supplies to virtually all sectors of the economy and accounts for 17.8 % of the total chemical sales in the world. This paper gives an overview of the European chemical industries and focusses on the top fifteen chemical companies of this region. It gives an idea about the current problems this industry is facing in Europe and shows how the region and the top companies are investing in R&D to bring innovation to overcome the current challenges. The study shows that the R&D spending in absolute term has remained similar over the years and it is still globally the largest investor for the R&D activities.  BASF has been making the largest R&D spending followed by Bayer and Syngenta while the R&D intensity is highest for Syngenta and Bayer. BASF and Bayer top the list in patent application and number of granted patent.

Palabras clave

Innovation; Competitiveness; Technology; Patenting; Chemical Industry

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